About us

Leyton House Community Care Ltd (LHCC) was founded in 1998 by Mr Eshan M. Teeluck. The first home was Leyton House on Leyton High Road close to the Olympic park. LHCC Ltd has since expanded and acquired several homes in the East London area. Leyton House Community Care Ltd provides care for people with severe and enduring mental health problems who have been treated and discharged from hospital. The home cater for people from Generic and Forensic background. LHCC Ltd has currently 4 care homes within the Borough of Waltham Forest which are regulated by Care Quality Commission (CQC).

LHCC also runs 2 high supported projects in the London Borough of Newham, namely Iman House (21 one bedroom flats) and WestHam House (10 studio flats). 

In addition, we also have two semi-supported projects in the London Borough of Waltham Forest namely, Shifa Lodge in Walthamstow (12 studio flats) and Faris Lodge in Leytonstone (11 studio flats).

Mr. Eshan M. Teeluck is a Registered Mental Nurse and has considerable experience in both hospital and community settings. He has an extensive experience in managing clients with forensic history. He also has a broad knowledge and experience in managing people. He holds a Diploma in higher education in Registered Mental Nurse. He also possesses a specialist qualification in the care management of forensic clients (ENB 960) and a teaching and assessing qualification in clinical setting (ENB 998). He also holds a degree in Health Services Management.

All of our residents and service users are referred to us by other agencies and our referral process is designed to be simple yet comprehensive enough to ensure that we have the information we need. We always carry out a detailed assessment of potential service users' needs with a view to ensuring that a placement with us is the best possible solution for their needs. One of the key aspects of our approach to service delivery is that it fully involves service users.

If you wish to refer a person to any of our services, please contact us for more details.
Leyton House Community Care Ltd
Referrals - LHCC Ltd
4 Gainsborough Road
London E11 1HT 
Telephone: Emergency Admission: 0203 859 1882
E-mail: assessment@lhcc.co

Our services range from the provision of accommodation and intensive care & support in our Registered Care settings, through less intensively supported living-based accommodation projects, to providing outreach floating support to people in our fully independent flats. As service users move to more independent accommodation, we ensure that the transition to independent living is taken in gradual steps which are manageable for the service user whilst providing best value for the sponsoring authority.