Model of Support

Who is our model designed for?

We are a mental health support service provider and our core activities are focused on looking after people with mental health issues. Our clients come from all spectrum of mental health institutions ranging from local authorities, social services, HM prison services, Home Office and individual referrals. We have facilities adapted for each of our service users to meet their support needs. Our model of support is designed to ensure good value for money for the sponsoring authority while effectively supporting our service users giving them the best chance to gain their full life back into the community.

Strategic Placement

At the centre of our services is our placement team. We put as much effort as possible to make sure every placement becomes a success. We have a system in place to ensure our service users receive optimum support, and resume their life back in the community the shortest time possible. Each placement is strategically planned and tailored to suit the need of every individual and their care team. We have supported accommodation located near town centres ensuring easy access to public facilities.

Moving on strategy

LHCC Group runs an active moving on plan integrated with the MDT team which is put in place as soon as the service user starts the placement. We aim to achieve an average stay of no more than two years, empowering our service users to function independently and safely in the community.

All of our residents and service users are referred to us by other agencies and our referral process is designed to be simple yet comprehensive enough to ensure that we have the information we need. We always carry out a detailed assessment of potential service users' needs with a view to ensuring that a placement with us is the best possible solution for their needs. One of the key aspects of our approach to service delivery is that it fully involves service users; this is equally true of our referral processes.